Expanding Foam Packing - Sealed Air Instapak RT

This expanding foam packaging, also known as Instapak Quick RT, is the quick and easy means to pack or store safely a wide range of items, particularly if fragile or needing extra care. The professional-looking foam packaging is flexible, available in various sizes and is simple to use. Press down on the foam packing’s panel, knead it to expand, and place inside the shipping box ready to cushion items. To make a top cushion, just repeat the process.

Lightweight and clean, expanding foam is an ideal void fill solution as it makes custom-fit protective foam cushions without extra equipment.

CodeBoxed / PackedFlat Bag Size
QUICKBAGRT-1048 380 x 460mm
QUICKBAGRT-2042460 x 460mm
QUICKBAGRT-6030460 x 610mm
QUICKBAGRT-8030510 x 760mm
QUICKBAGRT-10024640 x 690mm

Protect fragile or delicate items from knocks, bumps and shakes while in transit by using Instapak Quick RT custom foam packaging material. An ideal protective foam cushion available in various sizes, this expanding filler foam is formed in three simple steps: first, break the internal seal by pressing it; knead or pat it back and forth to expand it; then place it inside the carton or box for an excellent cushioning and void fill solution which moulds around the packed item.

Shipping items such as electronic goods, microscopes and cameras is made safer and more convenient with this self-expanding foam packaging system. It is so easy to use and answers to many different void fill and packing needs or requirements, instantly forming smart custom-fit cushioning.

Being lightweight, these foam packaging products reduce shipping costs while providing superb protection. The expanding foam packaging is supplied flat, so it also saves storage space.

1. Press to break internal seal, knead back and forth.
2. Place cushion inside carton, nestle product into the cushion.
3. Repeat the process, closing the carton flaps, to form top cushion.

See our video to give you visual clear instructions on how to use Instapak Quck RT expanding foam packaging.