Double Sided Sticky Tape / Tissue Tape

Being al but invisible, double sided tape is a multi-purpose product and the perfect substitute for glue, leaving no mess and bonding well. Thanks to its versatility and flexibility, double sided sticky tape is invaluable for use in offices, education, graphics and many other industries. This range includes both polypropylene tape double sided and tissue tape, in various widths. It is strong and easy to apply.

CodeRefSizeBoxed / Packed
DST12General Purpose Tissue Tape12mm x 50m100 rolls
DST25General Purpose Tissue Tape25mm x 50m48 rolls
DST50General Purpose Tissue Tape50mm x 50m24 rolls

Double sided sticky tape is the neat, quick and easy answer where you don’t want to use glue. You stick the required length of tape in place then simply peel away the protective liner to expose the other side of the adhesive tape for bonding the second item. Adhesive double sided tape – polypropylene or tissue tape – has a host of uses, being completely invisible when used. 

This range has top performance, strong double sided tapes, with both sides possessing the same strength of adhesive. Convenient and easy to apply, they are a staple in many craft industries, design departments, schools, offices and other work areas. Fine and strong, the tapes are excellent as mounting tapes for notice boards, instructions or photos. The no-fuss, mess-free application makes double sided adhesive tapes ideal for graphics, exhibitions, for example.

The range includes a wide choice of widths of double sided sticky tape to cater for all needs.