Cushionwrap Cohesive Corrugated

Cohesive corrugated paper is used for despatching items such as books, video cassettes, CDs and DVDs. The cold seal adhesive, which only adheres to itself and not the contents, ensures a tight bond.

The range of Cushionwrap Cohesive Corrugated is shown below. If you cannot see the exact product you require, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

CWR300Cushionwrap Roll300mm x 100m
CWR360Cushionwrap Roll360mm x 100m
CWR450Cushionwrap Roll450mm x 100m
CWS280350Cushionwrap Sheet280mm x 350mm
CWS350430Cushionwrap Sheet350mm x 430mm
CWS350530Cushionwrap Sheet350mm x 530mm
CWS460580Cushionwrap Sheet460mm x 580mm