Cushioning & Void Fill

Cushioning materials and void fill are essential elements of professional packaging, to keep products from getting damaged, crushed, bumped and shocked while they are being transported or stored. With our wide range of products to choose from, there is at least one cushioning material and packaging fill that is perfect for your wrapping and shipping requirements.

From air cushion packaging to vermiculite loose fill, these versatile cushioning materials ensure that packages reach customers in their original quality and with first class presentation. And because most of these materials are flexible, they can provide the same protection to awkwardly-shaped products.

Safeguarding the quality of your products during shipping or storage is a priority, particularly for businesses heavily involved in packing and packaging – your reputation is at stake. This is hard to achieve without proper cushioning, especially as regards fragile goods, which are highly susceptible to damage. Our range of cushioning materials and void fill solves this problem by providing you with a protective and manageable solution for every kind of product, shielding them from shocks, knocks and bumps.

Our wide selection of cushioning products is designed especially to maintain items in their original quality during transit. Clean and convenient to use, most of these cushioning materials also have resistance to moisture and dirt so they do not just support your goods, they also help keep them dry and clean. You can also use wrapping and cushioning products as lightweight and economical void fillers or packaging fill to put round oddly-shaped items and stop objects from shifting in their packages.

View individual cushioning materials for information on use and sizes on offer.