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Corrugated Paper Rolls

Available in many different widths, these 75m rolls of corrugated packaging paper are a cost-effective and popular protective wrapping material. The corrugated rolls are ideal for general applications, in particular for wrapping delicate objects ready to be moved or shipped. The paper can also be used as protective interleaving or cushioning material between fragile items. Single faced corrugated sheeting is flexible too, so can be scrunched up as a void fill solution to reduce unnecessary gaps in packages as well as being excellent for protecting odd-shaped items.

This is an environmentally friendly product, made entirely from recycled material.

CP300300mm x 75m
CP350350mm x 75m
CP380380mm x 75m
CP400400mm x 75m
CP450450mm x 75m
CP600600mm x 75m
CP650650mm x 75m
CP750750mm x 75m
CP900900mm x 75m
CP12001200mm x 75m
CP15001500mm x 75m
CP18001800mm x 75m

These corrugated paper rolls answer to many different packaging needs, particularly those items that need protection and cushioning for shipping. Corrugated packing is the ideal means to prevent damage to a wide range of objects, from ornaments, vases and plates, to electrical products, telephones and monitors. It is an economical and efficient way to guard against scratches or knocks. With various corrugated paper sizes to choose from, you are assured of the perfect corrugated wrap for your products – including those with irregular shapes.

A versatile packaging material, corrugated sheeting can also be used as void fill, scrunched up and placed inside the packing box. It is totally made from recycled paper so is easily recycled. Corrugated paper rolls are an economical interleaving material, stopping delicate goods from being scratched. This low-cost corrugated paper material also has the benefit of being lightweight so that it keeps down the cost of postage or shipping.