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EBK Combination Strapping Tool

Versatile, lightweight and easy to handle, this EBK Combinational Strapping Tool PLUS is ideal for producing a strong grip when hand strapping medium to heavy duty pallets and loads. Designed for application on both horizontal and vertical flat surfaces, this is a top of the range combination banding tool which is used with 12mm polypropylene strapping and serrated seals to reduce slippage.

The combo strapping tool conveniently tensions, seals and cuts in one go. It is quick to use and requires minimal effort, thus lessening operator fatigue and improving the packaging process in the warehouse or packing room.

EBK1212mmSerrated Seals

This well designed combo strapping tool allows users to seal more loads with polypropylene hand strapping up to 12mm wide, thanks to its ergonomic form which makes it faster to operate and reduces fatigue. This particular combination strapping tool is a cost-effective all-in-one solution that suits a wide range of sealing needs as it can be used for either vertical or horizontal strapping. Using serrated seals for extra strong grip, the combination banding tool has a mechanism which tensions, cuts and seals strapping, producing excellent strap tension and reliably robust sealing.

Efficient, adaptable and easy to use, this combo strapping tool ensures that packages and palletised loads stay firmly secured during transit, without needing to use separate tensioner, sealer and cutter strapping tools. The convenient EBK Combinational Strapping Tool PLUS thus saves money, time and energy while improving the dispatching and palletising process using 12mm polypropylene hand strapping and serrated seals.