Coloured Adhesive Tape

This range of coloured adhesive tape is available in a choice of colours and in various widths.  The coloured tapes are perfect for adding style to cartons for shipping as well as both sealing and identifying boxes and packages.

Our vinyl adhesive tape is touch and long lasting, adheres instantly to cardboard, wrapping paper and other dry, clean surfaces. Its resistance to water, chemicals, mould, sunshine and oil makes it especially durable.

For a low cost alternative, choose our coloured polypropylene tape.  Great for most general packing applications - particularly colour coding and identification purposes.

The coloured tape has a semi-gloss finish, which can be written on with permanent marker pens.  Please see our stock range below.  Other sizes available on request.

CodeRefSizeBoxed / Packed
BLAVT50Black Vinyl50mm x 66m36 rolls
BLVT50Blue Vinyl50mm x 66m36 rolls
GVT50Green Vinyl50mm x 66m36 rolls
OVT50Orange Vinyl50mm x 66m36 rolls
RVT50Red Vinyl50mm x 66m36 rolls
WVT50White Vinyl50mm x 66m36 rolls
YVT50Yellow Vinyl50mm x 66m36 rolls
BLAPT50-POLYBlack Polypropylene50mm x 66m36 rolls
BLPT50-POLYBlue Polypropylene50mm x 66m36 rolls
GPT50-POLYGreen Polypropylene50mm x 66m36 rolls
OPT50-POLYOrange Polypropylene50mm x 66m36 rolls
PPT50-POLYPink Polypropylene50mm x 66m36 rolls
RPT50-POLYRed Polypropylene50mm x 66m36 rolls
WPT50-POLYWhite Polypropylene50mm x 66m36 rolls
YPT50-POLYYellow Polypropylene50mm x 66m36 rolls

Versatile coloured adhesive tapes have a wide variety of applications, from sealing packages in corporate colours to colour-coding boxes when stock taking or packing for storage or shipment. With a great choice of colours and widths, this range of coloured tape is available in black, blue, green, orange, pink, red, white and yellow. For speed and convenience, the tapes can be used with tape dispensers.

General purpose applications for coloured adhesive tape in warehouse, offices and schools include using red tape to mark out electrical equipment, and blue tape or green tape to point out safety items such as fire extinguishers. For patching and sealing the black tape is particularly handy.

The coloured adhesive tape range is made from top quality polypropylene and vinyl.  Both types of tape benefit from a strong adhesive, providing an all-round, versatile labelling and packing solution.