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Mail Tuff Polythene Mailing Envelopes - Clear

These easy to use clear polythene mailing envelopes feature a self-adhesive strip, and a clear front with a white back so you can easily check the contents without having to open the mailing bag. With their extra strength, the lightweight polythene mailers are often a better alternative to ordinary envelopes for business postal needs. Mail tuff envelopes do not get punctured or torn easily, so you can be sure your items reach their destination safely and securely.

The clear polythene envelopes come in two sizes: 230 x 320mm and 305 x 415mm, with each box containing a cost-effective 500 mailers.

CodeSizeBoxed / Packed
MT2C230 x 320mm100
MT4C305 x 415mm100

There is obviously an advantage in using polythene mailing bags for a variety of postal needs in the business world. Aside from being lighter than conventional paper envelopes and therefore cheaper to post, self seal polythene envelopes are made from stronger and tougher material, making them water, puncture, and tear resistant. This ensures the safety and protection of items such as papers, brochures and even fabric while in transit or storage. The mailing bags are also impervious to harsh weather, which makes them very reliable, while the seal-and-peel feature makes for convenient packing and opening. The self-adhesive strip also serves as a tamperproof feature so you know if the polythene envelopes have been tampered while they are in transit.

You can write on the surface of the mail tuff polythene bags, which are available in 2 sizes so cater to a wide range of packing needs. Our polythene envelopes are especially designed to keep your products safe and protected while being economical.