Polythene Bags - Clear

Our large range of plastic bags provides an extremely versatile and cost-effective packaging solution, a highly convenient way to meet many different needs. Available in three grades – light, medium and heavy duty – the polythene bags come in a wide choice of sizes, from the very small 2x3 inches upwards (sizes given are internal measurements: width x length).

Poly bags are invaluable in many different work areas and industries, including retail storage and food wrapping. Our reliable and durable clear plastic bags have superb clarity and can be printed to your requirements. They can be sealed with a heat sealer.

Light DutyMedium DutyHeavy Duty
PBLD353 x 5"PBMD353 x 5"PBHD464 x 6"
PBLD464 x 6"PBMD464 x 6"PBHD686 x 8"
PBLD484 x 8"PBMD686 x 8"PBHD797 x 9"
PBLD575 x 7"PBMD6126 x 12"PBHD8128 x 12"
PBLD686 x 8"PBMD7107 x 10"PBHD9129 x 12"
PBLD6116 x 11"PBMD8128 x 12"PBHD101210 x 12"
PBLD797 x 9"PBMD101210 x 12"PBHD101510 x 15"
PBLD8108 x 10"PBMD101510 x 15"PBHD121512 x 15"
PBLD8128 x 12"PBMD121512 x 15"PBHD121812 x 18"
PBLD9129 x 12"PBMD121812 x 18"PBHD152015 x 20"
PBLD101210 x 12"PBMD152015 x 20"PBHD182418 x 24"
PBLD101510 x 15"PBMD182418 x 24"PBHD243624 x 36"
PBLD121212 x 12"PBMD243624 x 36"
PBLD121512 x 15"
PBLD121812 x 18"
PBLD152015 x 20"
PBLD162416 x 24"
PBLD182418 x 24"
PBLD203020 x 30"
PBLD243624 x 36"
PBLD303630 x 36"

Strong and hygienic, with securely welded bottoms, our polythene bags are convenient to store and easy to handle. Made from top quality polythene, the superior strength of our range of clear plastic bags keeps products clean, dry and safe whether they are shipped or stored. The polybags are heat-sealable or can be secured with tape, and the contents are easily checked when required, thanks to the outstanding clarity of the polythene material – which also provides a highly presentable finish.

Plastic bags are the ideal protective packaging for many different goods, ranging from small electronic components through food to fashion items. For this reason we stock a big selection of popular sizes in lightweight, medium weight and heavyweight strengths.
Whatever the size and grade of bag needed, clear polythene bags offer an affordable solution to your packaging requirements. Our plastic bags are durable and supply high resistance to water, dirt and dust, thus preserving the quality of packed goods.