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Strapping Edge Protectors - Cardboard

A solid board construction these strapping edge protectors are made from recycled materials, 3mm thick and come in 35 and 50mm leg width. Being wider than plastic strapping edge protectors, they distribute strapping tension more evenly and protect the whole edge of the box or carton.

Enhancing the stacking ability of your loads while protecting them from impact, these robust cardboard edge protectors are the economical, durable and environmentally friendly solution especially designed to improve packaging. Cardboard edge protectors are also ideal for protecting the edges of mirrors and picture frames, keeping them from being dented, crushed or otherwise damaged during transport.

EDGE-3535 x 35 x 1000mm3mm
EDGE-5050 x 50 x 2000mm3mm

Anyone working in packing knows that it is vital to prevent edge and corner damage of cartons or fragile items, whether from strapping or general handling in transit or storage. Cardboard edge protectors are the answer, and are also ideal for helping secure and stabilise pallet loads, maintaining them in perfect shape whilst strapped. 

Safeguarding packages from damage or crushing does not end necessarily finish at wrapping, sealing and strapping. Edge protectors help ensure the quality of the packing material itself to give packages the total protection they need. They can also be used under stretch film or to strengthen cardboard cartons internally.

Cardboard edge protectors provide an economical yet durable protective strap guard, safeguarding the boxes’ edges and helping avoid damage and indentation. Constructed from environmentally-friendly materials, these strapping edge protectors reinforce the edges of packages to protect from tight plastic or polypropylene strapping.

Wider than our plastic strapping edge protectors, the cardboard edge protector is able to distribute strapping tension more evenly. It is convenient and easy to use while giving packages a highly presentable finish.