Carton / Corrugated

Bottle Packaging for Wine, Spirits & Champagne

For dispatching bottled goods, using this range of bottle boxes will help to prevent damages and returns. The bottle packaging consists of corrugated cardboard outer cases with inner polystyrene cases, providing protection for 1,2,3,6 or 12 bottles of spirits, wine and champagnes.

This glass bottle packaging is made from biodegradable materials and can be used again or recycled. The flat-packed bottle boxes are easily assembled. Specially designed to hold bottles securely during transit, they are approved by the Post Office for mailing glass bottles. Each bottle box offers complete protection thanks to the expanded polystyrene inner, which avoids breakages and spillages.

New to our range are our AirPack bags for bottle packaging.  These can be supplied with or without the external corrugated cardboard box, ready to inflate on demand as and when needed.



BOTTLEPACK1-ROUND128 x 128 x 364mmCylindrical Bottle Pack1 Bottle
BOTTLEPACK2-ROUND256 x 128 x 364mmCylindrical Bottle Pack2 Bottles
BOTTLEPACK3-ROUND384 x 128 x 364mmCylindrical Bottle Pack3 Bottles
BOTTLEPACK1119 x 113 x 364mmSingle Bottle Pack1 Bottle
BOTTLEPACK2213 x 118 x 370mmTwo Bottle Pack2 Bottles
BOTTLEPACK3283 x 118 x 365mmThree Bottle Pack3 Bottles
BOTTLEPACK6367 x 246 x 370mmSix Bottle Pack6 Bottles
BOTTLEPACK12487 x 367 x 370mmTwelve Bottle Pack12 Bottles
BOTTLEPACKC125 x 125 x 380mmChampagne Bottle Pack1 Bottles
BOTTLEPACKC-HALF125 x 125 x 380mmChampagne Half Bottle Pack1 Bottle
BOTTLEPACK1-AIR128x128x364mmInflatable Bottle Pack1 Bottle
BOTTLEPACK2-AIR220x145x350mmInflatable Bottle Pack2 Bottles
BOTTLEPACK3-AIR430x110x350mmInflatable Bottle Pack3 Bottles

There are several options for choosing bottle protective packaging, ranging from a single cylinder bottle box to carton packs for two, three, half a dozen and a dozen bottles. The benefit of this postal bottle packaging is its snugly fitting expanded polystyrene that holds the wine, spirits, beer, or champagne bottles in place. This is further protected by a strong and sturdy cardboard box, guaranteed to stop the bottles from moving around.

Our glass bottle packaging is smart and professional. It is the perfect means to transport a vintage wine collection.  For extra security, the carton boxes can be sealed with one of our adhesive tapes.

Whether used by wine merchants or gift companies, it is vitally important to ensure the safe arrival of bottles during transit. All the items in this range of bottle boxes will more than match up to requirements, the perfect solution to these fragile packing needs.