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Acid Free Tissue Paper Sheets

Made with a regulated neutral PH value, our acid free tissue papers in sheets are especially designed to keep delicate or fragile items tarnish-free. Glazed, this packing tissue paper removes contaminants that may cause discolouration to the objects it is wrapping as it becomes brittle. This acid free feature of our tissue paper also makes it an ideal solution for packing and packaging antiques. It is an invaluable inner wrapping material for packing items like jewellery and silverware. Our packing tissue paper also makes an excellent interleaving and void fill solution, and can be re-used whenever you need it again.

CodeRefBoxed / PackedDetails
AFT450700450 x 700mm500 sheets16gsm
AFT500750500 x 750mm500 sheets16gsm
AFT500750SCAN500 x 750mm500 sheets17gsm
AFT7501000 750 x 1000mm 500 sheets17gsm
AFT900900 x 1000m1000m rolls22gsm

Our acid free tissue paper is a manageable and lightweight solution for wrapping or packing fragile and delicate objects like silverware, cutlery, glassware, and jewellery. With its neutral PH value that is regulated to give it an acid-free feature, this white tissue paper in sheets is also excellent for packing and packaging antiques.

Unlike a typical economy tissue paper which eventually transfers its acidity to the object it is wrapping and causes discolouration as it becomes brittle and acidic, our acid free tissue paper removes these contaminants to help keep objects keep their original appearance. These sheets of white tissue paper can also be used for interleaving, scrunching, and void fill, filling all the unnecessary gaps in your cartons and/or boxes for packaging.

Lightweight, the packing tissue paper also helps to economise on postage; the sheets are of a convenient size and manageable to use. Our acid free tissue paper sheets are the economical and versatile solution for items that need extra special care.